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Electro-Programmable Shutter Systems

Electro-Programmable Shutter Systems

★ Features:
● Driver is built-in, the user merely provides a supply voltage and open/close control pulses (TTL) to control the shutter state
● 20mm diagonal rectangular aperture .500 x .675 inches (12.7 x 17.15 mm) in a small overall device outline, 1.500 x 1.170 x 0.206 inches (38.10 x 29.72 x 5.23 mm)
● A completely new device based on proven TS patented technology
● Bi-stable operation, only requires power to switch states
● Accepts supply voltage ranges from +5-12 VDC
● Only two unique moving parts, the rotor and the blade
● Alternate blade material available by special order for laser, x-ray or other custom applications
● Shutter aperture from 2mm to 90mm, Max. Time to open: 300us


★ Applications:industrial/ biomedical Microscopes/ infrared system / Military& Aerospace/ vision systems/ CCD&Video cameras/ X-ray switching/ low level laser switching

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